Construct This: A Contractor's Blog

Construct This: A Contractor's Blog

  • Garage Door Not Closing? What You Need To Know

    Automatic garage doors were a marvel of modern convenience for homeowners. Unfortunately, like any other automated system, these openers are not without their potential issues. It's important for homeowners to understand the signs of garage door problems and know how to resolve them. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a garage door that won't open or one that won't fully close. For starters, here's a look at some of the most common reasons why your garage door might not be closing properly.

  • Why Now Is A Great Time To Have Your Aistream Renovated

    Airstreams have been a popular part of American travel for decades and there are quite literally tens of thousands of them sprawled across the country. Ranging from compact trailers to huge caravans, there have been many styles over the decades and each comes with its own challenges for longevity. After a certain amount of off-road travel and constant use, every airstream will start to look a bit worse for wear, but that does not mean the end of its life is near.

  • Why Directional Boring Makes Sense For Populated Areas

    Most Americans live in at least a semi-populated area if not a town or a city. This can cause some problems when it comes time to renovate or upgrade your house. It is not easy to complete a new construction process while in the midst of an ever-moving and active urban environment. This is especially true for digging holes underground. Not only does earthmoving require a lot of heavy machinery and time, but it can also be very obnoxious for those who live around you.

  • Top Key Benefits Of Custom Wood Made Buildings

    As one of the historic building materials, wood has existed for thousands of years and used for ancient generations as construction material.  Best known for thermal, electrical, aesthetic, and mechanical properties, custom-made wood buildings bear a significant benefit to their users and owners. Whether it's a building's entire construct or a remodeling project that incorporates wood, here are the benefits that await you. Energy Saving and Insulation Wood works in an opposite manner compared to other building structures.

  • Why Clogged Drains Should Always Be Dealt With ASAP

    Everyone has experienced a clogged drain or two in their time, as it is a phenomenon that is virtually impossible to completely prevent. However, for those living alone or who are on the younger side of things, it can be tempting to leave a clogged drain for a while, just to see if it unclogs itself or simply because of laziness. If you live in a house big enough where you can simply use a different area and not engage the clogged drains, then sometimes that is exactly what people will do.

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