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Construct This: A Contractor's Blog

Maintaining Your Deck And Protecting It From The Weather

by Joyce Rivera

An outdoor deck can be a great addition to your home that can create some outdoor space for family time, social gatherings, or a place to get outside and relax on warm days. When you have a deck, you will need to maintain it to get the most from it, but if you keep up with it, it may only take a couple of hours a year to ensure your deck stays in great shape and is ready to use.

Deck Repairs

When the winter weather disappears, and the spring starts to warm things up, you may want to hire professional deck repair services to come and check your deck to ensure it made it through the cold and snow. Inspecting the structure for damage or rot is vital, and making repairs to the deck to ensure it is safe often doesn't take much work if you keep up with it every few years.

Having a contractor inspect the deck for you is the best way to ensure you don't overlook any issues that may be there. If there is a problem with the deck or the structure that supports it, the earlier you find it and make repairs, the better. Many times, repairs are less expensive this way, and they take less time because there is less damage to deal with.

Using a contractor specializing in deck building and repair is a good idea and often makes the process easier. They know what materials to use, how to make the repairs correctly, and understand the deck and structure, so repairs are effective and will ensure the deck is strong when the work is complete. 

Sealing Your Deck

When you are done with any deck repairs that are necessary for the season, you may want to consider adding some deck coating to the entire structure. The deck coating can add some color to the wood and seal out moisture to help reduce rot and other damage throughout the year. 

There are many deck coating products on the market that you can use, and your contractor may recommend one that they have found effective. You can also visit your local home center or paint store and talk to an associate about the coatings they sell. 

If you have an existing deck coating on the structure, it can be a good idea to sand the deck's surface and remove the old deck coating so the new sealer can get into the surface of the wood to seal it completely. The deck repair service making your repairs can often add a deck coating for you.


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