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Construct This: A Contractor's Blog

How To Cut Down On The Cost Of Building Materials When Building A Tiny House

by Joyce Rivera

If you are going to be building a tiny house, one reason why you might be doing so could be because you're hoping to build a home for an affordable price. It's true that building a tiny house can be quite affordable, but one thing that will have a heavy impact is how much you pay for building materials. These are some of the pointers you might want to remember if you're wondering how to cut down on the cost of building materials.

Consider Buying a Kit  

One option you should look into is a tiny house kit that might include most or all of the materials that you need for building your tiny house. This can make things more convenient and help you ensure that you have everything that you need for building your tiny home. In many cases, you will also find that it's cheaper for you to purchase the building materials for your tiny house if you purchase a kit instead of buying everything separately. Be aware, though, that these kits often only include the materials that are needed for building the exterior shell of the tiny house. You will probably still need to purchase additional building materials for finishing out the inside.

Avoid Skimping on Quality

You might be tempted to go with lower-quality lumber and other building materials in an effort to save money. Although this is certainly understandable, it usually isn't a good idea. You will need to make sure that your tiny home is up to code in some places, and you might be required to use a certain type and grade of building material to avoid problems with inspections or permits. Additionally, you will probably want your tiny home to stand the test of time, and buying higher-quality materials can help with this. Basically, you can save money in the long run by buying higher-quality materials in many cases, since you can cut down on repairs that will be needed in the near future.

Buy in Bulk

You might need to purchase some types of building materials in bulk when building your tiny house, such as plywood. Going ahead and buying everything at once is often a good way to pay less overall. Plus, you will already have more of the building materials that you need, which can cut down on delays with getting your tiny house built once you actually get started with the building process. 


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