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Construct This: A Contractor's Blog

Is Your Garage Door Off It's Tracks?

by Joyce Rivera

Many people do not realize that your garage door is one of your home's largest moving components and can be one of the most dangerous. The danger lies in the fact that the average modern steel single-car door weighs more than 100 pounds, and double doors weigh approximately 200 pounds. The weight is not a hurdle when your doors are working well, but it can cause serious harm when your door is off track. What drives your door to get off track, and what is the best way to fix it? Read on for more information.

Reasons Your Garage Doors Get Off Track

Most garage doors work well for a long time until something happens to them. While some failures are caused by human error, others are not. Some of the most common reasons your garage doors come off track include the following:


You may have never driven into or backed into your garage door, but many people have. Sometimes when you are in a hurry, you attempt to pull into or back out of your garage before your vehicle fully clears the door.

This impact will often damage your door's assembly and knock your rollers off track. Once your rollers are off track, your heavy door is left hanging by the lift cables. This is a dangerous situation that only a garage door company should address.

Misaligned Tracks 

The vibrations caused by your door opening and closing can cause your tracks to work loose from their mountings and bend or warp over time. Once these tracks become misaligned, it is easy for the rollers to come off the track, which in turn will make your door fall.

Corroded Rollers 

Over time, your rollers can become corroded and worn. When this happens, your rollers can break, putting more unbalanced weight on the remaining rollers. This unbalanced weight can also cause your tracks to bend. 

How To Fix Your Off-Track Garage Door

Google and YouTube have made many homeowners repair experts in many different areas. Unfortunately, some repairs are much easier to perform than others. Do-it-yourself fixes for your garage door repairs can not only be unsafe, but you may also worsen the problem. 

To fix your garage door when it is off-track, call a professional garage door repair company in your area such as The repair company will have the knowledge and tools to fix the problem quickly and safely.


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