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Construct This: A Contractor's Blog

What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Built-Up Roofing System?

by Joyce Rivera

Built-up roofing is one of the unconventional yet beneficial roof variations you can have over your building. Note that the roof starts with a foundation of ply sheets, followed by layers of bitumen. A pebble-like layer tops it off. So, if you have a commercial structure or are planning to design one, this is one of the perfect roof types you can install. Here are key benefits you can expect from installing a built-up roofing system.

They Serve You for a Long Time

The roof comprises a ballast layer and a ply sheet layer, a combination built to last and survive the adverse weather conditions that damage regular roofs. Also, you will be pleased to know that a well-installed BUR roof can last several decades, especially in warm climates. On the other hand, a material like asphalt shingles will not last as long and will require more care. Therefore, paying a little more upfront for the BUR roof will give you the ideal low-slope roof and added longevity.

They Need Little Maintenance

You also need to think about maintenance when investing in a roof type. You should know that most roofs fail before their intended lifespan because the owners cannot manage the level of service that the roof needs. On the other hand, a BUR roof requires minimal maintenance to keep it in great shape. In most cases, the only service you will need is cleaning it every once in a while. More so, the cleaning can be as simple as flooding the roof with water and scrubbing it down. You will also be pleased to know that this roofing material is easy to repair, further simplifying the maintenance process. 

The Roof Is Fireproof

Fire is one of the worst issues that can affect your commercial building. However, the building materials you invest in can determine whether the fire will tear down the building or be controlled in time. BUR roofs are fireproof, which means that once the fire gets to the roof, it will not spread as fast as it would on other roof types. Moreover, you can choose a cold built-up roofing membrane that does not produce fumes that might harm your health.

Other benefits of this roof type include the fact that the roof is easy to replace when something goes wrong. These qualities make a BUR roof one of the best and most reliable commercial roofing options. Hence, consult a roofing contractor and install it over your commercial building for a durable, efficient, and easy-to-maintain roof.

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