Construct This: A Contractor's Blog

Construct This: A Contractor's Blog

Useful Advice For Beginners Dealing With Masonry Work

by Joyce Rivera

If you own a property, you may eventually have to deal with masonry work. Maybe you need to fix some damaged bricks or add a brick structure to your property. If you've never dealt with masonry work before, here are some tips that you'll want to review before getting started.

Select the Best Bricks for Masonry Construction 

If you're planning to develop a brick structure around your property, a huge factor that will impact your success is your brick selection. You want to be highly selective when it comes to this because you ideally want bricks that are in perfect condition and thus easy to work with. You'll need to carefully inspect the bricks in person if you can to make sure they have the right properties, such as being free of flaws. These flaws include holes, chips, cracks, and uneven sections. The better condition your bricks are in, the easier it will be to complete the masonry work.

Perform Thorough Inspections When Completing Masonry Repairs

If you're looking to complete some masonry repairs around your property, then it's paramount to perform detailed inspections before doing any type of restoration. You need to see exactly what's wrong with the brick sections, so you can map out relevant repairs. You don't have to be a masonry professional either to have success with these inspections. Just look at the damaged sections and make a note of relevant characteristics you see, whether it's chipped sections of brick or hairline cracks starting to form. You can then research repair options for problems you noted throughout these detailed inspections.

Use Scaffolding When Working Up High

When completing masonry construction or repairs, there may eventually be sections of brick that are high off the ground that you need to reach. You can reach these bricks safely if you use a scaffold—a raised platform that gives you ample space to work with. You can rent one out too and save money. Scaffolding will elevate your height in a controlled manner and thus make completing masonry work up high a lot easier to do. You just need to make sure the rental scaffold is assembled correctly and test its stability before getting on it.

If you plan on completing some masonry work around your property—whether it's restorations, repairs, or construction, it's important to follow the right guidelines. Then you can stay safe and have success with whatever it is you're trying to accomplish when bricks and mortar are involved. 

Contact a local masonry service to learn more. 


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