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Construct This: A Contractor's Blog

Upgrading Your Property By Installing A New Drain

by Joyce Rivera

There are many landscaping upgrades that will be able to reduce the risk of your property suffering significant damage from erosion, flooding, and other problems that could impact the landscaping. In particular, the installation of a new drain system can be one of these upgrades that can have major benefits to the home.

Drain Systems Can Be Designed To Be As Discreet As Possible

Individuals may assume that the drain system that is installed will always be extremely noticeable and that it will negatively impact the appearance of the landscaping. In reality, it is entirely possible for a person to have a discreet drainage system installed. This can be achieved by partially or completely burying the system so that only the drain openings will be visible. In particular, French drains can be a popular option that will have this style due to this option being very discreet while still being able to handle large amounts of water before it becomes overwhelming.

You Should Consider The Maintenance Needs A New Drain System Will Require

Drain systems will typically need some maintenance to keep them operational. One example of this could be removing any debris or other materials that have gotten into the drain line. During the process of designing the new drain system, you should keep the maintenance needs that are required in mind. This is particularly important for drain lines that are partially or totally buried. For these systems, you will want to be sure that the grates and access hatches are positioned in areas that can be easy to reach so that the interior can be flushed of any leaves or other debris that has gathered.

The Terrain Can Impact The Amount Of Excavation The New Drain Will Need

The terrain where you are installing the new drainage system can be another important logistical and design consideration. In particular, this can impact the amount of excavation that will be needed as these drains will need to uniformly flow downhill in order to be effective. As a result, if there are hills or other elevated areas, the drain line may need to be tunneled under it in order to continue allowing the water to effectively flow through it. As part of the initial design, the drain excavating contractor may perform a terrain assessment to determine the amount of digging and tunnel that may be required to install the drain system. This can allow you to better anticipate the total costs and the amount of work that will have to be done.

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