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Construct This: A Contractor's Blog

How Will Tile Fit Into Your Bathroom Remodeling Plans?

by Joyce Rivera

When people undertake bathroom remodeling projects, they often want to quickly give the space a whole new look. You can do a lot with fixtures, lights, cabinets, and windows. However, the tile will make up a large part of what you see whenever you enter the bathroom, especially if there is tile anywhere on the walls in addition to the floor. Let's look at how you can use tile to quickly breathe new life into any home's bath area.

Defining Spaces

One of the simplest uses for tiles is to demarcate spaces. If you want the shower to stand out from the rest of the bathroom, for example, you can tile the walls there and leave the rest uncovered. Not only does this provide splash protection in the shower, but it serves as a visual signal of its prominent position in the bathroom.

You also can use tile to define the top and lower halves of the bathroom. This allows you to create a line that will draw the eye to specific features like the sink and the mirror.


Another good use for tile during a bathroom renovation is to create contrast. If you want to go bold with the contrast, you could use dark tile on the floor and light paint on the walls. This will create a strong contrast and a definitive visual statement.

Bear in mind that the contrast doesn't have to be that start. Even transitioning from a moderate color to a lighter version of the same color can be visually surprising. You might have a light green bathroom, for example. Using a slightly darker shade of green for the tile can create visual interest without being too harsh.


Staggering or alternating tiles is a wonderful way to create a new look for a bathroom. You might use a few darker tiles here and there on the floor to break up the monotony in a white bathroom, for example. Backsplashes are also great places for staggered patterns, especially if you're using them as separating lines between the top and bottom of the space.

You can go one step further and add color to the pattern, too. Dropping in some solid reds and yellows on a dark blue wall, for example, can create a sense of visual excitement. Similarly, you can create specific shapes. You might use a pyramid pattern to draw the viewer's eye to a focal point like a big mirror, for example.

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