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Construct This: A Contractor's Blog

Should You Hire 3D Swimming Pool Design Services For Your New Home Build?

by Joyce Rivera

Although there is a vast array of inclusions you can choose to integrate into the construction of your custom home, a swimming pool is undoubtedly one of the top amenities you are considering, and this is not without reason. To begin with, having a swimming pool simplifies working out since you can swim several laps a day to keep fit. Moreover, a well-designed swimming pool can double up as an exterior living area that can be used for both entertaining and relaxation. Not to mention that a swimming pool will automatically increase the value of your custom home build. Nonetheless, a crucial step in swimming pool construction is getting the design right. And one trend that is making a splash among contemporary homeowners is employing 3D pool design. Check out the following benefits to determine if you should hire 3D pool design services for your new home build.

3D Pool Design Services Allow You to Make the Most of Abstract Shapes

When you think of traditional pool designs, you likely think of circular, rectangular, or kidney-shaped pools, and this is not coincidental. The reality of the matter is these geometric shapes remain the standard in a majority of homes, and this can be attributed to the fact that they are easily conceptualized. But what if the space available in your yard does not accommodate a perfectly geometric shape? Rather than having to settle for a small-sized pool due to the amount of square footage available, you should enlist 3D pool design services, so you can maximize on abstract shapes. With a three-dimensional pool design, the professionals will use software to come up with unique shapes that can easily fit within the space allocated for pool construction. You then have an array of configurations to choose from depending on your aesthetic preference.

3D Pool Design Services Provide Varying Perspectives of the Swimming Pool

While traditional pool construction will provide you with two-dimensional images that give you a sense of what the finished swimming pool will look like, these images cannot offer you varying perspectives of the swimming pool from different vantage points of your new home build. As a result, you cannot tell the aesthetic impact the swimming pool will have on your residential property. Instead of waiting for the end of the project to find out, you should consider 3D pool design services. For starters, the three-dimensional imaging allows you to view the swimming pool from different parts of the custom home ranging from the living room to the deck and even the bedrooms. Hence, you know how this amenity will integrate into the views of your property. Furthermore, a 3D pool design can simulate what the pool will look like at different times of the day in relation to the sun. Consequently, you can determine whether the position of the swimming pool should be adjusted for maximum exposure to the sun's rays.

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