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Construct This: A Contractor's Blog

Reasons Why Your New Home Build Needs Residential Ductless Mini-Split Installation

by Joyce Rivera

As you wind up the construction of your new home build, you need to determine the best HVAC system to install in your residential property. For some new homeowners, this means narrowing down their options based on cost, but this is not the best approach to take. What some of these individuals are taking for granted is that in some scenarios, the upfront cost is nowhere near as much money as they would pay for in ownership costs.

Hence, while an HVAC system may seem affordable at the outset, limited energy efficiency will lead to increased energy costs, and this translates into costly ownership. One option that is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners is the ductless mini-split system. Comprising an outdoor compressor and indoor units, here are a few reasons why your new home build needs residential ductless mini-split installation.

Ductless mini-split installation accords you zoned comfort

Investing in a new home build presents you with the opportunity to include custom spaces that suit your lifestyle. For instance, if you enjoy soaking in the sun but do not want to have to leave your home to do so, you probably have invested in the construction of a sunroom. While this is a great addition to your new home build since sunrooms increase the values of properties, this area will typically be the warmest part of your home. If you do not have any strategies in place to regulate the temperature of this room, the rest of your home is at risk of thermal gain, and this will affect the overall efficiency of the home.

The great thing about ductless mini-split installation is that you can opt to regulate the temperature of specific rooms in the home. Thus, when it comes to the sunroom, you can program the ductless mini-split system to solely cool this area without affecting the temperatures in the other rooms of the home. The same applies to parts of your home that may usually be colder than others, as the ductless mini-split system can keep them warm.

Ductless mini-split installation is seamless

As aforementioned, ductless mini-split systems do come with indoor and outdoor units. Nonetheless, unlike other HVAC systems that would require you to sacrifice floor space for the indoor units and ceiling space for multiple ducts, residential ductless mini-split installation is incredibly convenient.

To begin with, the indoor units are small, so you can easily integrate them with your preferred interior design scheme. From hanging the indoor units up on the ceiling as decorative features to recessing them into the walls, you can choose to have your ductless mini-split system be as unobtrusive as you want. Furthermore, the lack of ductwork greatly simplifies the installation process so you can expect the cost of labor to be economical too.


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