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Construct This: A Contractor's Blog

How To Tell Whether You Need To Upgrade Your Heating System Or Simply Repair It

by Joyce Rivera

There are many different types of heating systems that are popular in different parts of the country, from gas and solar to electricity and even geothermal options. One thing all of these heating systems have in common is that they require good maintenance to ensure that they last a long time, as heating is quite a resource-intensive process that can burn out and ruin components if you do not keep a watchful eye on it. Here are a few tips that should give you the information you need to tell if you need to replace or repair your heating system. 

Electric Or Gas Bill Skyrocketing

The first and most obvious sign for people who are not that well-versed with the technology they are using in their heaters generally comes from the quarterly bills they get that update them on just how much these heaters cost to operate. If you are shocked at just how high the cost is, there is a very good chance that something in the heater is not operating as efficiently as it was designed to. In this case, heating system repair is generally preferable, as it may only be a small component that is broken and that can be repaired without needing to uproot and replace the whole house's heating system.

Slow Reaction To Controls

If your heating system, whatever it is, feels like it is far slower than it used to be when it comes to responding to your commands, then odds are it is quite old and past its best-before date. Older heating systems will be more corroded, less efficient, and often quite loud and creaky. You might want to consider a new heating system installation, as when systems fall apart this much, it generally means that there are systemic issues throughout the house that are not going to be easily repaired, and it may cost more to even try to do so.

Bad Smells Or Sounds

If you are getting a lot of bad odors from your heating system, whether it is a burning smell or one that feels more noxious, like gas, then firstly you should immediately turn everything off. After that, call a professional heating contractor who can diagnose the issue and let you know where to go from there. Never go to bed with a bad smell you think is originating from the heater, as it could either poison you overnight or a fire could easily start. This is a very serious issue and one that can stem from either a major fault or a small and easy to repair failure.

Reach out to a local HVAC technician to learn more about heating system repair issues.


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