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Construct This: A Contractor's Blog

Top Key Benefits Of Custom Wood Made Buildings

by Joyce Rivera

As one of the historic building materials, wood has existed for thousands of years and used for ancient generations as construction material. 

Best known for thermal, electrical, aesthetic, and mechanical properties, custom-made wood buildings bear a significant benefit to their users and owners.

Whether it's a building's entire construct or a remodeling project that incorporates wood, here are the benefits that await you.

Energy Saving and Insulation

Wood works in an opposite manner compared to other building structures. For example, steel and aluminum are inorganic materials that tend to expand when heated. The expansion causes a weakening that can lead to a collapse of the building structure.

Contrarily, wood, when exposed to heat, dries up, thereby becoming hard. Compared to other materials, wood conducts heat at a lower rate, thereby saving energy within your home.

To retain warmth or coolness in a home, the use of custom-made wood buildings will help to achieve this.

Saves Money, Quick construction

Buildings constructed with wood have a faster completion rate than structures made of other materials such as stone or concrete. More so, harsh weather conditions do not hinder the process of construction when using wood.

Houses with wood frames allow for easy remodeling once the construction process is over. Insulated concrete form houses (ICF) are expensive and do not bear the convenience of versatility and ease as wood material does.

Environmental Consideration

The entire world is jumping on the 'going green' voyage, and so is construction. A building that is made out of wood material is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and renewable.

A significant amount of approximately 0.8 ton of carbon emissions is saved each year with every cubic meter of wood used in construction.

In some countries, the government has allowed for the logging of trees as long as one is planted for each cut. For commercial buildings, this significantly contributes to a green environment with more trees being planted globally.

Also, young trees tend to have a higher rate of absorption compared to mature trees.

Reduced Noise

Wood plays a minor role in sound absorption by preventing echoes from bouncing off walls. Wood absorbs sound waves; therefore, being alone in a room will not give you the creeps.

It is a standard construction material used on concert halls to help dampen the sound and achieve the perfect tone.

Talk to a wood building contractor to advise on the specific wood material which will fit your demands. 

Whether it's for business or residential use, the suitable wood material will present a myriad of benefits for you.

For more information, reach out to a service that makes custom wood buildings.


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