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Septic Drainfield Repair Options When Problems Start to Affect Your Tank

by Joyce Rivera

The septic system that serves your household plumbing needs routine maintenance. This isn't the only issue with your septic system that will need to be addressed. Sometimes, problems with the drainfield get overlooked and can affect your tank. The following septic tank drainfield repairs are some of the issues that may need to be repaired when they start to affect your tank:

Clearing Blocked Distribution Boxes

The blockage that can get into septic drainfield boxes can cause a lot of problems with your system. This is often where the problems with septic drainfields start. Therefore, the problems with your drainfield may be easy to repair by clearing the solids that are blocking the system. Sometimes, the distribution box can be damaged and may need to be repaired or replaced if the problem is something more than clogged lines. If your system doesn't have a distribution box, you may want to consider having one installed to solve drainfield problems that affect your tank.

Repairing Secondary Pump Tanks

Your septic system design may use a secondary tank for the distribution of waste to the drainfield. These are often called pump tanks because they contain a pump that helps deliver the waste effluents to the drainfield. These are often components of septic systems that need to have maintenance and repairs done.

Adding a Secondary Drainfield Line

Another option to consider for the septic system is adding a secondary drainfield line. This may be the right solution to fix systems that are outdated and undersized. A secondary line can also be used to solve problems with overly saturated soils. The drainfield lines can be alternated when soils are saturated to prevent problems with percolation (filtration of waste effluents through soils). The secondary line can also be improved with better drain tiles and filter medium to protect groundwater supplies.

Restoring Existing Septic Drainfield Lines

The existing septic drainfield may also need to be restored, and there are several options for these repairs. One of the options is aeration, which will restore the septic system by allowing air to get to the waste. This can help the waste to break down and improve filtration. There are also options to clean the lines or replace the drain tiles. Talk with your septic drainfield repair contractor about the condition of your system and the best options to repair the drain tiles.

The issues with your drainfield can sometimes affect your tank and cause plumbing problems. Contact a septic drainfield repair service if your system has problems in these areas.


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