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Construct This: A Contractor's Blog

4 Telltale Signs for Your Door Replacement

by Joyce Rivera

Doors play an essential role in homes. They serve as entrances and exits while increasing your curb appeal. Most people end up using their side doors or garage, drawing no attention to their front door. While most homeowners are concerned about getting energy-efficient windows, they tend to overlook these options when it's time for a new door.

Replacing your door with an upgrade can significantly boost your home's value. Nowadays, exterior doors have undergone a major upgrade in energy efficiency, appearance, and durability. This article provides tips on the tell signs to look out for.

Damage to the Door

The most obvious tell sign is any damage to your door. Without realizing it, people tend to inflict much damage to doors when carrying heavy objects into the house. A dent on your door means that the structural integrity of your door has been compromised.

Evidence of rusting on your door also means that you need to make a quick door replacement. Rust on your door means that moisture has found its way into the wooden frame. Rust reduces the structural strength of your door, which compromises the safety of your family and home.

Hard to Open

If you're struggling to open or close your door, then you are due for an upgrade. If a door is contracting or expanding, it may be difficult to fit in the door jamb. Excessive moisture or excessive heat could be some of the reasons behind your door warping. If you notice that traces of light are passing through either the side, bottom, or top of your door, this is a sign that you need a replacement.

Increased Bills

Doors also serve as a way of increasing energy efficiency in your home. An opening or cracks on your door allows air to leak outside, thereby reducing the efficiency of your HVAC units. If your utility bills are higher than usual, it is probably a sign that you need to purchase a new door that has superior insulation properties.

Locking Problem

If your door fails to lock properly, this means that you have a security issue. Currently, door locks have advanced from the traditional lock-key system to locks that can be operated using your mobile device. When you experience lock jams, it is advisable to consider replacing your door to accommodate a more advanced lock system.

As you shop for a new door, consider the various materials available in the market. The material on the door's surface is what determines its durability, cost, and aesthetic appearance. Be sure to pick on a material that will enhance your curb appeal. If you need more help, contact door replacement services.


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