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Construct This: A Contractor's Blog

Easy Water Well System Maintenance Tips

by Joyce Rivera

If you're careful about how you take care of your well water system, then it won't give you nearly as many complications over the years. Instead, its parts and performance will be controlled properly. Here are some easy maintenance tips you can perform on water well systems. 

Invest in a Quality Well Cap 

Probably the easiest way to prevent your water well system from getting contaminated is to install a high-quality well cap over it from the very beginning. Then regardless of how rainwater drains or the potential solutions around your property, your water well system will have constant protection.

Start by looking for a well cap that's designed for your particular water well tank. It needs to support its particular dimensions so that there aren't any gaps that could cause contaminants to slip through. Next, make sure the water well cap features materials that will last a long time. Aluminum is a pretty standard material that you can trust won't give you structural issues to mess around with.

Have an Inspector Come Out Around the End of the System's Lifespan

Water well systems aren't capable of lasting forever. There is an end date for their ability to work correctly. If you have a water well system that is approaching this lifespan, then you need to hire an inspector to come out.

They need to conduct an assessment of relevant components of this system, such as the tank, pump, and pipes. They can then verify if a replacement needs to be carried out then and there or if the water well system still shows signs of life.

Use Testing Centers That Comply With Regulatory Testing Standards 

One service that you'll perform pretty routinely with a water well system is testing the water. Doing this lets you see if contaminants have indeed gotten into your water source or if you're okay in this regard.

These tests will be meaningful if you only consider working with a water testing center that complies with your state's regulatory testing standards. Water from your well needs to be tested a certain way so that the results are accurate and help you make improvements if there are contaminants found.

You don't want to carelessly deal with maintenance when caring for a water well system. You instead want to take it very seriously and get certain steps mastered, especially if your property is strictly reliant on this system to get water. 


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