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Tips To Ensure Your Home Has A Working Sump Pump This Winter

by Joyce Rivera

When you deal with water and moisture seeping into your basement and under your home's foundation, it can cause some serious issues and damage inside your home. But with a sump pump in your basement, it will continuously eliminate any water that may trickle in to keep your basement dry and protected. But be sure you keep up the maintenance and care on your sump pump. Here are some recommendations to help you as you maintain and protect your sump pump from damage and problems this winter.

Protect the Sump Pump and Pit

Your sump pump is going to need to be on the ready at all times to collect and pump water from out of your house. For this reason, it needs to be maintained and working properly all the time, even in the winter when the temperature may fall to freezing. Be sure you check the sump pump and listen to it working to see if it is making any irregular noises that can indicate a problem. Contact your sump pump professional to come and inspect and repair any issues with the pump or to replace the pump, when necessary 

While your sump pump is repaired or replaced, your sump pump professional will also be able to check and clean out the collection pit where the water collects. Inside this well is where dirt, debris, and even ice can collect if the temperature is cold enough. It is essential that you keep it cleaned out of debris if it occurs, so you avoid damage to the new pump.

Handle a Pump Replacement

There may be times when you need to add insulation to your sump pump and its elements. For example, if the drain hose is exposed to the outside air, it can become frozen when the temperature falls, clogging the hose with ice and rendering your sump pump useless. You can add insulation to the exterior hose or wrap it in heating tape to keep it thawed in cold weather. You don't want any area of your sump pump to freeze up, as it can cause permanent damage to your sump pump, requiring its replacement.

Maintain the Drain Hose

The first step you can take with your hose maintenance is to be sure the hose is diverting water at least ten feet from your home. You don't want the hose depositing pumped water too close to your home because this can allow the water to flow and seep back into your basement, which can cause your sump pump to work 24/7. Eventually, this will result in your sump pump failing and needing a replacement with a new pump.

It is recommended to disconnect your hose from the pump in the winter and when it freezes outside, as you won't be needing the pump to pump water from your home, but be sure to reconnect it when the weather thaws. As another option to get around the issue of your hose freezing, keep an extra hose on hand. Then, when your connected hose freezes with ice blocking its interior, disconnect it and attach the extra hose until the original hose thaws out, then you can switch them back.

For more information on how to keep your sump pump installation protected, contact a local expert today.


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