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Construct This: A Contractor's Blog

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Makeover Small Areas with Modern Design

by Joyce Rivera

When you are planning to do remodeling for your bathroom, small spaces may seem to limit design options. Actually, there are several you can do with a small bathroom footprint to change the design, make it more open, and give it modern styling. The following bathroom remodeling information will help you make the most out of remodeling a small space:

Removing everything in the bathroom to start from scratch

The bathroom needs to be completely gutted before you can begin planning the remodeling. Make sure to remove all the finishes, tub or shower, and mechanical installations. This will give you a clean slate to begin planning the remodeling project. You may want to change the bathroom layout and moving some of the things like the shower or vanity. Remember, try to move plumbing as little as possible to reduce the costs of installing new pipes.

Planning the bathtub or shower options with space-saving designs

Often, smaller bathroom designs have showers or tubs that take up a lot of space. Consider some more space-saving designs for the shower or bathtub. The following options will reduce the area a shower or tub occupies:

  • Walk-in tubs with a smaller footprint
  • Shower units with a smaller area
  • Custom showers with open designs and small footprints

These are space-saving options that will help reduce the space a shower or tub occupies to give you more open floor space in your bathroom design.

Remodeling ceilings to make the space seem spacious

There are structural features like ceilings, which can be changed to help make your bathroom seem more spacious when you are remodeling. If the bathroom where you are remodeling is on exterior walls near roof slopes, a vaulted ceiling is a good solution.

Choosing the right vanity and finishes to give your bathroom space and style

Once you have done the mechanical and structural remodeling, it will be time to start choosing the vanity and other finishes for the bathroom. If you want to add space to the bathroom, you may want to use a narrower vanity. Also, consider the colors for your vanity and bathroom finishes like tile. Use contrasting colors to create an open feeling with your modern bathroom design. You can also add features like floating shelves for open storage space.

These small bathroom remodeling solutions will help you makeover your bathroom with a new modern style. Call a remodeling service and talk to them about these solutions to give your small bathroom contemporary design.


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