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Construct This: A Contractor's Blog

Can You Patch That Yourself?

by Joyce Rivera

Pool covers are essential for pools in areas where leaves and other things can get into the pool water. Like other large pieces of fabric that are exposed to the elements, the pool cover can rip, and like other items that can sustain damage, it might be possible to fix those rips instead of replacing the entire cover. Are there times when you can patch the damage yourself instead of calling a repair company? Sometimes, but you'll also want to involve professionals if the damage covers a larger area or if you're new to pool cover repair.

How Will the Patch Interact With Retraction Parts?

You can find official patch kits meant to be used by pool owners to fix small rips in the fabric of the pool cover. However, if you have a retractable cover (and not one that you just place over the pool), you need to make those patches flat enough so that they don't interfere with the retraction mechanism. If you are not sure you can do that or have no idea how to check, you're better off calling a pool repair service to add the patch.

If Sewing Is Involved, Don't DIY

Sometimes the best fix involves sewing, rather than using an adhesive patch. These covers typically require an industrial sewing machine -- not hand sewing or the smaller machines you might find at home. If you're an avid sewist and have worked with thick industrial material before, you may still not want to chance it because the pool cover is likely larger than anything you've attempted to sew. A professional repair company is going to be more familiar with what's needed to keep the cover material flat and flexible and to keep the repaired area from letting water leak through.

The Length and Area of Damage Matter

Just as car windshields can't be patched or fixed if a chip is larger than a certain size, so too do pool covers need replacement if the damage covers an area that is larger than a certain amount. For linear rips, anything over 6 inches is questionable; you certainly don't want to attempt DIY repairs on that. However, a pool repair service might be able to sew it up, if it's a fairly clean tear. Very large rips, or chunks were taken out by things like fallen tree branches, maybe beyond repair.

In some cases, repairing a pool cover yourself is possible. However, a pool repair company can do the job if the damage is bigger than you can handle and if you want that repair job to look fantastic. While you can do a good job, too, having a repair with company guarantees can be a relief.


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