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Construct This: A Contractor's Blog

Winterizing Your Home's Air Conditioning Unit

by Joyce Rivera

There is a long list of appliances in your home that you should learn to maintain. As seasons change the weather can leave you needing to do some scheduled upkeep. If you miss the window of time your appliance may sustain damage that makes it less efficient or unable to function. Your air conditioner is something you rely on to keep you cool in the summer. Learn how to care for it so it can continue taking care of you! Here are three things you can do to prep your air conditioner for the colder months:

Spray It Down

You should clean the AC unit before you do anything else to prepare for winter. Dirt, leaves, and dust can make your air conditioner less efficient over time. The harder it has to work to recycle air the longer it takes to cool the air. You can prevent higher energy bills by cleaning it so it doesn't have to work so hard and run the extra hours! You can take a broom and dust the unit before giving it a good spray to dislodge things. 

Buy a Cover

Covering your air conditioner is one of the most important things you can do to winterize your home. Buy a cover made of thick material that can be secured and cover the entire unit. After the unit is clean and dry get the cover on the air conditioner and strap it down. You don't want to worry about wind and rain removing it. A good cover can prevent more wear and tear, rust, and debris. It's a great feeling to take the AC cover off the following summer to find your clean air conditioner ready for action. 

Turn It Off

Did you know there are other ways to shut off your AC from outside the home? Most people rely only on their thermostat to control the air conditioner, but for winter you should shut off the power to the unit. Learning how to locate and turn off the master switch is helpful so you avoid accidentally turning it on during the winter months while the cover is on. 

Before you winterize your AC unit it is wise to call an HVAC contractor with any questions or issues. Having a routine check up on your air conditioning system can be a great way to cut future costs. You can often avoid major repairs with some extra care. Find an air conditioning company to take a look at your system and ask them to teach you more about how to care for your air conditioner!


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